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e are ready to welcome people who love trekking and offer them to visit the queerest places in Georgia, which are very different from each other. You will have an opportunity to visit astonishing lakes, forests, ravines, mountains and many kind of historical monuments. Our tours are different from each other with its sightseeing, beauty, adventures, historical monuments and physical activity.

So, welcome to  Georgia!


Our agency offers winter skiing holidays in Gudauri, Bakuriani and Svaneti:



Gudauri resort is known not only for its alpine skiing tracks but also for its secure “heliskiing”.  The enthusiasts of this sport have a chance to land from 1500 to 4200 meter slopes. “Heliskiing” is available in Canada, where this pleasure worth of 2000-3000 dollars, but In Gudauri foreign tourists pay just 500 dollars.                       

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Hotels of Bakuriani resort and hotel holiday houses offers you cozy and family atmosphere. Alpine skiing tracks are designed as for the beginners as well as for the professionals.

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Svaneti, which until recently was known for its great mountains and ancient historical-architectural villages, is now interesting for the tourists in other respects as well. It has been 2 year since Alpine skiing tracks and new hotels has opened and winter tourism infrastructure has improved. This winter Svaneti is ready to welcome lots of guests.

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Historical monuments

There are many historical monuments in Georgia: temples, churches, monasteries, castles, towers, towns, villages etc. They are more than 5000. Some of them are in the world’s legacy monuments list of UNESCO. Many tourists come here specially to see these unique monuments.

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Nature sightseeing

The diverse landscape of Georgia contains mountains, rivers, lakes, ravines, sea  etc.  Separately or altogether they make beautiful and impressive nature. This scenery is even more beautiful with ancient architectural monuments. 

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